I offer private one-on-one sessions. 


Sometimes, the shortest path to have a happy and well-behaved dog means private lessons.


Some dogs simply focus better in a one-on-one environment, and some dogs just need individual attention on specific obedience issues.

Regardless of your training goals, my private sessions will be tailored to you and your dog’s needs.

Rates ranges from $200.00 - $350.00 hourly. 

Usually my visit require 2 hours. 

If aggression and sometimes multiple dogs/dog fights are involved, 3 hours session is required. 

Virtual training consultation

I believe that virtual consult cannot take the place of hands-on dog training. However, if I can’t see you sooner and you have a lot of questions, we can do a virtual consultation. Recommended mostly for puppies, new dogs or newly adopted timid dogs.


You will receive guidance when bringing a new dog/puppy to the house, including understanding  the rules of housebreaking, crate training to avoid accidents, and what kind of routine to establish. 



Video consultation - ( Zoom )

30 minutes - $75.00 

1 hour -      $150.00 

Payable via Venmo



Phone consultation 

30 minutes  - $50.00

1 hour -         $100.00  

Payable via Venmo