You’ve heard the expression “yellow bellied” about someone cowardly. How about “Yellow dog” for a scared pup? All dogs deserve exercise and time outdoors, but some dogs simply can’t handle meeting new people and other animals. These dogs are “yellow dogs”, canines that need space, not necessarily because they’re aggressive, but more often because they’re scared. They might be naturally shy and fearful, or have pain from old age or surgery. Some are rescue and shelter dogs who have been through abuse and are undergoing training to be more sociable. Some are working to be service dogs, and any interactions would be a distraction from their work. For whatever reason, like humans, there are dogs who simply need space. Their owners love them but dread when strangers or new dogs approach. One very simple solution is a visual cue so people know this is a yellow dog - a cute bandana to warn others about your pup’s need for personal space. The bandana is handmade locally in a custom yellow fabric with cute paw prints and hearts and the words “I need space!” 



Each bandana has ties on both sides 8" long each side. It will most likely fits your dog's neck. 


Small - 13" wide x 8" long

Medium - 14.5" wide x 10 long 

Large - 17" wide x 11” long